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How to find your purpose

How do I find my purpose? What am I supposed to do? Why did I come to this world to begin with?

These questions were quite strong in my mind when I was still living the "normal" life back home in Germany. Living the life of a big city girl, working in the corporate world, going out on the weekends, spending nice holidays somewhere in the world... Even if everything seemed to be perfect, there was always the question: ok, I'm 30 years old now, so is this it? Am I supposed to repeat this 45 more times or so and then I call it my life?

It was very clear for me that this can't be it. Something was missing. And that deep inner feeling of void, a lack of meaning, became stronger and stronger. Until I couldn't bear the pain any longer of not trying to find out what it really is about.

What is my purpose?

First I tried the rational approach. I thought I should find a "meaningful" job where I help people and do something for humanity. At the time I was Personal Assistant of the Vice President Corporate Affairs of a US company in Munich, Germany. Not exactly my definition of a meaningful job. So I thought about quitting that job and starting to work for a NGO or any kind of humanitarian work. But also that didn't feel quite right. As it was still so far away from the people I wanted to reach.

I read many articles about "how to find your purpose", took all kinds of exercises, created vision boards and so on. But in the end, what really helped me to start living and experiencing a purposeful life, was something that Gurmukh Kaur, a kundalini teacher who inspires me a lot, shared in a class I visited in LA: "How to find your purpose? It's easy. Do more of what makes you happy."

Now you might think: yes, but what about money? We need to make a living somehow. And yes, I agree. I had the same thoughts.

So, Gurmukh continued: "do what you love and serve others, do it from all your heart and then also money will flow naturally."

Something really clicked when she said it. So that's what I did. I wrote down a list of everything that makes me happy and I just went on doing these things. Not focusing on the money making part at all, but trusting that all will unfold. And it did. After not knowing at all what to do with my life, I find myself now living on the most beautiful island, sharing what I Iove, meeting wonderful people along the way and being sustained in a magical way that is rooted in a deep sense of trust and gratitude. So many blessings will come your way once you start listening to your heart and do what makes you happy.

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