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The Paradise Island with Spirit

Located in the Gulf of Thailand and part of a group of 40 islands that make up the Samui Archipelago, Koh Phangan is commonly referred to by visitors and long-term inhabitants as “Magical” or “Paradise Island”. It is not uncommon for travelers who intend to stay a week or two to extend their visit for months and even years at a time. Hell, we’ll need to count ourselves amongst those!

The island is fashioned from granite of age old indigenous formations, and is said to be sitting on an ancient bed of crystals. Many a visitor feels this energy, and says it amplifies their meditation, yoga and healing experiences.

GaiaYogashala is nested on Bovy Beach in Baan Sri Thanu, at the beautiful west side of the island. The village is a Yogi town, with a smattering of yoga schools, veggie and vegan restaurants and a variety of engaging activities and workshops.

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Some enjoyable eateries and bars at the Yogi Village of Sri Thanu area. For additional island restaurants, visit LonelyPlanet.

Pure Vegan, Sri Thanu
Karma Kafe, Sri Thanu
L'Alcove Bistro, Ao Hin Kong
Orion Cafe, Sri Thanu
The Green Gallery, Sri Thanu
Jungle Hut, Chao Pho Beach
Art Café , Chao Pho , Sri Thanu
Taboon, Sri Thanu
Pura Vida, Haad Yao
Mama Pooh, Sri Thanu



If there is one common denominator that runs throughout the island of Koh Phangan it’s that each of its beaches has colorful and atmospheric restaurants. Beachside dining, whether it is local, Italian, Mexican, or even Halal, is undeniably enhanced by cool breezes, sand between the toes and stars twinkling above.

The Thai love of food is contagious and coupled with smiling hospitality dining out in Phangan is a memorable highpoint of many visitors holiday experience. Yet, you should always keep in mind that this is Thailand, not London if you’re fussy about perfect service. Fine dining is most certainly not the order of the day on the island although there are a couple of worthy contenders. Fresh seafood, healthy vegetable dishes are the way most eateries go here. 

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